Serendipity Maximus

Life is strange, life has been playing tricks on me for over six months now, life is tough but amazing at the same time, life is about unexpected surprises… Last month I wrote about looking for an apartment, I’d been looking for a couple of months already but it took me at least three to four hours to go to a 15 minutes viewing each time. Time that I had to make up for later. So I ended up working chaotic hours, evenings and weekends too, just to make up for time wasted on viewings. I say ‘wasted’ because it happened too often that I arrived at a certain place only to find out that to some others it was their second viewing already. Meaning they’d had time to read into the documents and prepare to put an offer in. It also happened a few times whilst visiting that the real estate agent told me to put an offer in within the next two hours (…).

I thought that by buying something everywhere bút Amsterdam I would avoid these issues. So after another pointless apointment I changed my strategy and decided to ask an agent to look for me instead. Following on a viewing -where I met this really nice agent- I made an appointment and had a chat with him to discuss my wishes. To make a long story short, within basically a couple of minutes my then real estate agent could no longer represent me as he offered me an apartment of one of his clients. Within a few days I’d seen the apartment and had put an offer in. Within the next couple of weeks I’m supposed to sign the papers. And once that is done and the bank’s approval is in, I’m officially owner of a most gorgeous, sunny, bright apartment in a mostly quiet green area, only a 10 minutes walk from the beach…

Things have been so chaotic and weird this month that I didn’t even realise how fast it all happened until I had to write my monthly evaluation for my passion planner. What is even more odd is the fact that I had written in previous planners over the last two years that my three year goal was to obtain a studio space so I can extend my jewellery business (which by the way is also going fast forward all of a sudden as I sold four rings within 10 minutes posting them on Facebook two weeks ago) ánd look for an apartment to buy. So far each and every goal I had I reached way before the ‘expiration date’ *wink*. It’s insane. I have NO clue what is going on but like one of my best friends wrote me earlier this week: ‘don’t forget to also enjoy all the change’. That was such a great lesson he taught me that moment, as I tend to rush thru it all asap.

So I should be contemplating every now and then, be still for a moment and realise how freaking grateful I am for everything that is going on in my life at the moment. There’s one thing left that needs to be done after all these years. Probably the hardest too as I know this might still take a while before everything is arranged. But that’s something I’ll keep to myself for a while until the time is right. I’ve met wonderful people over the last two years, people who support me no matter what, people who don’t expect anything in return either, loving people. There are friendships growing and at the moment there are more people welcoming me to this other city I’ll move to than friends I have in Amsterdam. There’s a few still and I’m sure they’ll come and visit me wherever I am or the other way around. I’m so about to start a brand new chapter…

Getting Ready

I’m going to move this blog elsewhere… My life has made a 180 again in a good way and I feel it’s time to let go of this domain as it is a constant reminder of a past that should be just that, a past. I have moved on a long time ago and though the years I lived in the UK will always be a major part of my life, I don’t wish to make it bigger than it actually is. I’m focused on my future and have been for a while so those old posts have been archived and will remain there like old books on a shelve collecting dust until one day someone decides to clean and read them again.

I’ve been looking to buy an apartment, in a different part of the Netherlands where tourists are still sparse, where it is quiet in the streets at night, where I can make a home and unpack my boxes and all the surprises I’ve kept in them for years now. The other day I realised that I have been living out of boxes since 2006. Yes I’ve sorted them all out and I’ve given half of it to charity shops but still, I haven’t used my own things since 2006. Thirteen years altogether so it’s about time that I’ll move to an unknown place to start anew and be closer to where my current assignment is.

I’ve saved enough money to get a perfect home, replace all the things that I had to give up on when I moved to the UK. I’ll need a bed, mattress, fridge/freezer combination, wardrobe, TV, and a lot more. And looking at things online is half the fun already. I’ve checked websites and found cool furniture, even cheaper and nicer than what I had in mind when I started this journey. No prefabricated stuff but furniture made by a designer/artist with an industrial touch and a practical design as I will use two of these to set up a studio so I can neatly store my jewellery supplies.

I’ll need a small sofabed so I can have visitors stay over, friends from Amsterdam or family from Belgium or … I’ll need lots and lots of plants and a few Persian rugs on the floor, warm colours like taupe, red, grey, brown, to reflect my oriental/colonial style interior design. A moss green styled bedroom that induces a relaxing atmosphere and lots of zen energy. I could dream about it all day long if I have to and I’ve designed each and every room six times already ;) But first things first and that’s finding the perfect ‘home’ where I can have an inspiring studio to work on my jewellery.

But you see, thinking about this and going to apartment viewings makes me happy, it is something I have wished for for a long time and I’m finally at that point where I can take time to decide. Tho I am impatient too, but I should try to find that one space I can really call ‘home’, so far after all the viewings in January, there was one apartment that actually felt good, but it wasn’t ‘the one’… I have my eye on another and I’m waiting a few more weeks to see if the price will get down. If not I’ll make an offer and see if they’re interested in selling. It has the perfect space and layout.

So this is why I’ll move this blog elsewhere, I’d really like to focus on the future and getting another move done within the next six months hopefully. I’ll trust my gut feeling and I’ll trust the Universe to have it all planned for me. And when the time is right, everything will come together, like a puzzle it will fit and the missing pieces will be found and added. I can’t wait… :D