Bye Bully Bye!

It’s interesting to see how quickly things can change over time, how a situation can change. I’ve only written one post instead of two last month because I was too busy (working overtime 16 hours a day) and when I logged into the backend of this website I noticed the post I wrote about a month ago about the bully at work. I was so fed up with the guy at the time that I really wanted to leave and look for another assignment. Actually I’d already taken the necessary steps to leave this assignment and informed everyone who needed to be informed on my employer’s side and on the client’s side as well. I was pretty blunt in doing so as I feel no-one should cross my line the way that assh… did.

Still it took about three months to accomplish what I needed to accomplish causing lots of stress that I had to deal with. The moment I had made it clear that I was going to leave, Mr Assh… turned into this slick self-righteous smooth-talking colleague who seemed to be utterly relieved at the knowledge of me leaving. Well… hate to disappoint him but I wasn’t going anywhere at all. I was working for another large project besides his project -a migration of the main website- along with two other colleagues. One is also hired through an IT company to act as the product owner/manager. They both wanted me to design the new website and asked me to join work sessions on this.

In the meantime -during a meeting- he’d told the attending people including this other product owner that he’d refuse to work with me. So whilst one project was ending due to me leaving, the other just started, by me joining. The fun part is that this project outweighs the other one, also by being one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on so far. Basically I totally outsmarted him and he wasn’t aware until the moment the product owner told him she’d asked me to join her team. He was mad as hell but since he’d planned his two weeks vacation he had no time to do anything about it as the deal was already done and all other parties involved had given their consent without informing him.

The day he was told, (one day before his vacation started) he did something utterly childish which only confirmed my stated facts about him. I play this augmented reality game (which is all about capturing ‘portals’ and destroying the opponents’ portals) and so does he, he’s an opponent in the game but he told me he’s not very active, he hadn’t been playing for months. That day someone destroyed the portal at work which I barely use -just the one- surrounded by other green fields/portals, he probably thought I use it daily. Whilst on the bus home I checked to see who trashed it and managed to trace it back to him (I didn’t know his nickname I just googled and found solid facts that it was him).

It made me laugh… During his absense last month I’ve worked on this very important presentation and got everything ready for the big day where the board of executives was going to take a look at it. They were very pleased and all of my designs were approved. I’ll be working on different projects still but at least there won’t be anyone trying to take the wind out of my sails by being a total jerk. I’ve managed to change the situation into one where I’m thriving and enjoying my job again, as I should! He’s still trying to get control since he asked the product owner to join us by sitting in ‘our’ room… We were assigned a particular team project room -two actually- for the three of us.

What he doesn’t realise yet is that his remark about refusing to work with me is going to cost him. If it’s up to my colleagues and team mates he won’t be sitting anywhere near me, I avoid him like the plague and ignore him whenever he is in the room. In the meantime his ‘power’ as product owner is slowly reducing to zero and soon he nolonger will be needed in that role as someone else in a higher position is already appointed to this who should’ve been product owner to begin with. Then he can go back to his former role which is a few steps lower on the hierarchical ladder. I’m pretty sure he is not going to like it a bit. Do I care? Nah… I just can’t stop grinning like a Cheshire cat.

It can take a lot to piss off a Capricorn, but if you do it won’t be pretty and no matter how many times you try to break her she will always come back 10 times harder.

Time-consuming Backups

It was bound to happen one day, I couldn’t trust my backup system anymore as it was giving errors. So I’ve been busy for at least a week sorting out my digital footprint. Just like I’ve been busy sorting out boxes for months it keeps surprising me how much stuff a person collects over time. I have two external hard drives in raid that I’ve been using to make backups for years now, but the time had come to change to an upgraded version which I bought a couple of weeks ago, a NAS with two 4TB harddisks. Copying over the network seemed to come with some hickups as well but I’ve managed tonight to sort all the information (2TB of ‘stuff’) on the new NAS.

In the past I’ve made use of TimeMachine but I stopped using it a couple of years ago to manually make backups instead. TimeMachine keeps making copies of the same files over and over again and since I had a couple of crashes over the years I ended up with several copies of system folders and copies of a folder structure of things that I wanted to keep. I’ve been going through each and every folder to delete duplicates and arrange a new filing structure. Some months ago when I started to sort out those boxes I’ve thrown out each and every item that I nolonger used, either giving it to charity shops or putting it in bin bags to have it collected and destroyed.

I was surprised by the -insane- amount of ‘stuff’ that I had managed to collect over time as I wasn’t using most of it anymore or I simply nolonger needed it. Cleaning out each and every box made me feel better and better as it was lifting a weight from my shoulders. Decluttering is the most effective thing to do to me, making space around me and also in my head. But I didn’t expect the amount of digital clutter and I found out that I felt less comfortable deleting system files and backups I had made because of crashes, tho I’ve managed to delete about 180Gb of dublicates by manually comparing files. Yes a total drag but I kept in mind that I only had to do this once ;)

I always got the impression that all my photo archives would take most of the disk space but boy was I mistaken. It was good having to go through each and every folder to see what was in there and if I really ‘needed’ it still. Most of it I got rid of anyway and the largest folders where the ones containing software and those system backups. Folders with 200.000+ files in them, old system folders, folders that nolonger had any use since I’ve bought at least four other computers after making the first backup and changed OS about three or four times as well. I guess the largest is my music collection but since I’ve started buying from iTunes this issue has become more organised.

Sorting my digital history was a total pain but I’m happy that I’ve managed to finish it within a time span of two weeks on and off. It was something that had been dragging my heels for years. I was extremely reluctant to act on it because of the time-consuming copying and checking, but as the other backup system slowly became unreliable I was forced to do this after all those years and I feel relieved now the job is mostly done. I still have some really old IDE disks to check but these are so old, I don’t expect to find anything spectacular on these that is worth saving. Still… I need to see what’s on them before I will use brute force and destroy all the sensitive data ;)

The challenge now, is to keep things organised and tidy… but when I think back of all the aggravation caused by having to go through many folders containing 200.000+ files I’m pretty sure I can keep an eye on that to make sure!